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Objectives and Strategy

​​​ADAA is the highest authority of financial oversight, accountability, integrity, and transparency, and is fully independent, working directly under the authority of His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.


ADAA’s main role is to ensure the optimum use of public funds and resources across Abu Dhabi entities through:
  • Overseeing financial and operational activities
  • Combating financial and administrative misconduct
  • Strengthening principles of integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Enhancing financial auditing


Oversight and Audit Sector

The Oversight and Audit Sector is responsible for the following:
  • Financial Audit
  • Compliance and Performance Audit
  • Control Systems Audit
The Oversight and Audit sector delivers on its responsibilities through:
  • Ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and public revenue and the compliance of the subject entities with approved budgets
  • Ensuring the efficiency, effectiveness and feasibility of the subject entities’ performance and their contribution to the achievement of the government's vision, while remaining compliant with the relevant laws and regulations
  • Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal control systems adopted in the subject entities

Preserving Integrity Sector

The Preserving Integrity sector is responsible for the following:
  • Establishing and enhancing the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and fidelity
  • Strengthening administrative and financial systems in subject entities in coordination with the other specialised entities