Safeguarding Public funds is a shared responsibility with citizens and residents. When acts of administrative or financial misconduct occur, accountable citizenship means that it is up to all of us to ensure these behaviors are investigated and stopped.

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Violation Reporting Process

How To Use The Confidential Reporting Channels

The mechanism for making a report is very simple. Click on (WAJIB) to access the on-line disclosure page. Please note that once you have opened the page and registered, all data required will be treated in total confidence in order to preserve the honor of all concerned parties. Our professional Auditors will then process the data and follow ADAA guidelines and procedures, which may include contacting the person completing the form to verify the details of the disclosure. Every report is subject to due process and carefully reviewed in order for appropriate action to be taken. Please note, in some cases it may not be appropriate for ADAA to investigate, if there is little information or evidence to support the allegations made.

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How to report a violation
3 Easy Steps
  • 1. Register personal information
  • 2. Verifying mobile number via OTP
  • 3. Enter complaint details
Confidentiality and Data Protection:

Highest levels of confidentiality and privacy


Full protection for whistleblowers

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